About us

At Timber Restorations we have a deep love and relationship with nature.  We believe that each and every tree or piece of wood has a unique story to tell.  We strive to give each piece of art or furniture the ability to bring life to any room by displaying it's one of a kind characteristics. Whether you live in the country or the middle of the concrete jungle, having a piece of slab wood furniture ties you back to nature and allows the earth to communicate through it in virtually any setting.  The second life we give trees by transforming them into a custom piece for your home is something we hope you and your family can cherish for years and generations to come.  



Owner Thad Mills' expertise comes from over 17 years of carpentry and woodworking, which stems from a 4 year 8,000 hour apprenticeship with the Alaskan Carpenters Training Center and over 9 years of on camera design and carpentry.   His passion and creativity began early on from growing up in Alaska.  Born and raised in Juneau, he spent his weekends and free time hunting, fishing and immersing himself in the rugged and wild outdoors of Alaska.  Thad creates new and innovative designs that meld his love for nature with his refined woodworking skills to provide you with quality pieces of slab wood furniture.